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KPBS and Voice of San Diego Report exposes San Diego Code Enforcement failing the City’s low income tenants

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - February 21, 2015 - Bad Landlords, Uncategorized

Reporter Megan Burks just published an excellent investigative report on some of the substandard housing conditions found throughout our City and the too often tepid response from San Diego Code Enforcement. Her work appeared on KPBS, Voice of San Diego and the KPBS Evening News on February 19. Her reporting brings attention to certain neighborhoods […]

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Injuries Caused by Landlord Negligence

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - January 14, 2012 - Bad Landlords, Tenants Rights Information

 Some things are always going to be the landlord’s responsibility to fix.  These include things like plumbing, electrical wiring and public areas shared by multiple tenants.  Other things might be the landlord’s responsibility, but the tenant has an obligation to tell the landlord about the problem when he or she finds out about it. Think […]

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