Tenant Defenders – In Office & Telephone Consultations with a Lawyer for Tenants

I have found that many renters who are looking for a tenants rights lawyer have difficulty scheduling a consultation in my office.  Don’t despair! Help is available and it has never been more convenient or affordable. Don’t let scheduling conflicts, or problems with transportation, keep you from getting the legal help that you need.  

Tenants looking for legal assistance now have a variety of ways to meet with a lawyer

When today’s technology makes it possible to conduct international financial transaction in the blink of an eye, and global business takes place at the breakfast table, there is no reason why your lawyer shouldn’t be able to offer the same convenience.

Schedule your Appointment Immediately

If you know that you need help asserting your tenant rights, or if you are already defending an eviction in court, then don’t wait. Get your appointment right now without leaving this web page. Click on the link below to see when your attorney is available and to reserve a time for your consultation. By providing your information through this secure, and easy form you will be on your way to meeting a lawyer that can finally answer your questions about how to protect your rights as a renter, offer solid legal advice and real help.You will meet with an attorney directly., not an office assistant, nor a paralegal.

As the demand for tenant legal services has grown, it has become increasingly difficult for me to speak with every person who is interested in speaking with a tenants rights attorney. Moreover, although I am happy to hear from tenants looking for help, I cannot offer meaningful legal advice over an introductory phone call. I need an opportunity to speak with you in depth. I can only offe legal advice to fill your specific needs after hearing all of the background facts and reviewing the relevant documents.

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Telephonic and Skype Consultations

As Tenant Defenders has grown, so has the interest in our services from other areas of California. With telephone and Skype consultations, affordable legal services for tenants are available throughout the state.
Even if you live within San Diego County, but just prefer to receive your professional services in your jammies, the same convenience – and the same affordable rates apply.


Document Preparation and Court Filing

Documents prepared? Not a problem. We will provide digital copies of all necessary legal pleadings for you to file.
If you don’t have the time to get to court to file yourself, then for an additional fee, we can submit your paperwork as well.


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