Problems with the landlord

Most tenants have problems with the landlord.  Sometimes they are trivial, and resolved without issue, but whatever the conflict, tenants do have rights to assert in the situation.  Whatever your dispute may be, it is important to remember that your relationship with your landlord arises out of a contract – your lease or rental agreement.

Just like every other kind of contract, lease agreements impose rights and responsibilities.  The landlord certainly has a right to collect the rent, but he also has a responsibility to make sure the house is not falling down on top of his renters.  Tenants should not be intimidated, or afraid that they will be evicted when the landlord is not living up to his end of the bargain. Listed below are some common difficulties that tenants often face.  Some of these have links to other pages with more information.  If you can’t find the information you need, or you simply prefer to talk to an attorney directly.  Then click the button below.

Contact Tenant Defenders


Most of these problems present situations that can result in abusive behavior.  Tenants who do not take the situation in hand when given the chance often arrive in court later, or suffer unnecessary hardships.  If any of the above disputes applies to your situation, then you have good reason to speak with a lawyer that can help you to assert your rights as a tenant.