Landlords cannot cut services to utilities, or change locks to make you move in California

Self-help Eviction is illegal in California – Landlords Cannot Cut Off Utility Service to Force a Tenant to Leave

Sometimes landlords think that because they own the home you live in, they can rule over their tenants like medieval lords. They are wrong. This is the Twenty-First century, and there are no peasants in California.  All renters have a legal right to due process, which means your landlord must go through the courts if he wants to evict.

It doesn’t matter whether it is because of ignorance, or malice, landlords that use oppressive tactics and threats to intimidate their tenants, and to force them to leave are breaking the law.

Don’t take it lying down, and don’t let them get away with it!

Even if you have been unable to pay the rent, or have had other problems, the law does not permit a landlord or property manager to cut off utility service, or change your locks in order to force a tenant to leave.

It is illegal, and you have a remedy.  It is also illegal for a landlord or property manager to threaten to use violence, or to enter into the tenant’s unit without the tenant’s permission in order to make him or her leave.

If you find yourself in this situation, the law provides that your landlord must pay civil fines, and your attorney’s fees.

If your landlord has denied access to water or electricity, or has changed the locks to your home and will not allow you to re-enter, call us immediately


  • I do not represent, nor offer legal advice to tenants living outside of California.  If you live in a state other than California, then contact your local bar association and law enforcement when a landlord cuts of your utilities.

No one has to endure oppressive landlords.

Act now & take legal action to protect your home.


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