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California tenants and the right to decent and habitable housing

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - February 18, 2012 - Rights to Decent Housing, Tenants Property Rights, Tenants Rights Information

The implied warranty of habitability The Court decision that recognized the implied warranty of habitability in residential rental agreements has been around for four decades.  In Hinson v. Delis the Court held that when a landlord fails to “substantially obey the housing codes and make the premises habitable” then that landlord was in material breach […]

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Tenants have privacy rights – The Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - January 31, 2012 - Tenants Property Rights, Tenants Rights Information

Do tenants have a right to keep the landlord from entering their home? If he wants in, then he must make the request correctly. California law requires that landlords and their agents give the correct notice before attempting to enter into a rental property. When they give notice, they must follow specific procedures. The Notice […]

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Injuries Caused by Landlord Negligence

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - January 14, 2012 - Bad Landlords, Tenants Rights Information

 Some things are always going to be the landlord’s responsibility to fix.  These include things like plumbing, electrical wiring and public areas shared by multiple tenants.  Other things might be the landlord’s responsibility, but the tenant has an obligation to tell the landlord about the problem when he or she finds out about it. Think […]

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Derechos de Inquilino cuando los chinches invaden

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 20, 2011 - Español, Rights to Decent Housing, Tenants Rights Information

Tenant Defenders apenas publicó una nueva página con información sobre los derechos de inquilinos cuando encuentran una invasión de chinches en su apartamento o casa.  Si usted es rentero, más vale entender cuales son las obligaciones uyas y cuales son las del propietario cuando los chinches invaden a su domicilio.  Para más información apachurra el […]

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Plan Ahead to Protect Your Tenant Rights

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 12, 2011 - Eviction Defense, Tenants Rights Information

Judges want to see written evidence.  If you have complained dozens of times to the landlord about the cockroaches and broken windows, it is difficult for judges to believe that you never made any objection in writing. Courts and Commissioners are skeptical when you claim that you paid all of the rent that you say you […]

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Información sobre derechos de inquilino en casa móviles

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 11, 2011 - Español, Tenants Rights Information

¿Qué derechos tienen los residentes en un parque de casas móviles? Si usted vive en un parque de casas móviles, entonces usted debe saber que su situación es diferente de un alquiler normal. El arrendetario en un mobile home comparte una relación especial entre propietarios e inquilino. Muchos residentes de parques de casas móviles también […]

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Defenses to unlawful detainer actions

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 9, 2011 - Eviction Defense, Tenants Rights Information

Do I have a defense to the unlawful detainer filed against me? I have compiled here a small summary of some of the most common defenses to an unlawful detainer action, more commonly known as an eviction, for tenants residing in California. Nothing in this post is meant to be legal advice for any specific case. […]

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San Diego Renters’ Rights 101

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 7, 2011 - Eviction Defense, Rights to Decent Housing, Security Deposit, Tenants Rights Information

For this reason, I encourage every tenant that is struggling through a dispute with his or her landlord to seek out and speak with an attorney that specializes in landlord tenant law, and can give you the specific attention your case deserves. Fill out this form below to tell us how we can help Q: […]

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Security Deposit Law in California

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - June 1, 2011 - Security Deposit, Tenants Property Rights, Tenants Rights Information

What Every Tenant Should Know about Getting Back Your Security Deposit   I am often contacted by tenants who have questions about their security deposits.  There is a very long statute in the California Civil Code at Section 1950.5 that describes in detail how landlords and property managers must handle security deposits.  The Code section […]

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What Should be in the Answer to Unlawful Detainer Complaint?

Posted by Marc D. Whitham - May 22, 2011 - Eviction Defense

If you have been served with an unlawful detainer complaint because your landlord is attempting to evict you, it’s important to get effective legal assistance right away.  This page is not intended to be a substitute to speaking with an attorney.  It is solely for the purpose of explaining some of the basic elements that […]

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